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SafeDrive  and SafeTraffic applications  activate and encourage you to move safely in traffic.  Both services  are  then for you to use when appropriate, except  when driving, cycling, or walking in traffic.


Services  contain  multiple choice, videos and concrete  homework that you can immediately apply in traffic.  Use  is fast  and easy.  

SafeDrive coaching content is intended for employees who drive. You can view the content in a variety of ways on any terminal, which is most appropriate in each situation, either on a mobile phone or a computer. You will always be notified of new content as an email link to identify you - so you don’t need to sign up. In addition, you can attach the SafeDrive app to the home screen of your phone or tablet, through which you can also always quickly browse content.  

The SafeTraffic application is suitable for the company's global use. It trains the company for both motorizing employees, cyclists and walkers for safe traffic behavior. The visual look and animations are suitable for any market area. SafeTraffic content is in English. SafeTraffic is a genuine phone downloadable application with built-in motion detection to prevent the application from being used in traffic.

Both services  works as a whole or can be combined with driving coaching and a lecture.  The subscriber receives the report from his own group  user activity and skills.

The layout is possible to customize the company  to the look.

Excelsior Road Safety and  More Mobile Relations  have implemented the SafeDrive service in collaboration with an insurance company  Near Tapiola  with.

Want to hear more? 

SafeDrive / SafeTraffic  contains twelve episodes.  The themes of the episodes are based on information from crash statistics and practical driving coaching.  The themes are divided into twelve months, taking into account the seasons.   Service  is communal, the same theme speaks to the entire work community. New employees come along and take part in the same discussions  those who have already started  with.

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