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In fast-paced work environment employees may not have much time for training. An information overdose and the fact that employees forget quickly most of what they learnt. NanoLearning has been developed to meet these challenges.


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NanoLearning is a series of short-term one-of-a-kind online training sessions. We learn better one thing at a time

NanoLearning can also be a condensed quick guide about something. The content is reviewable just by clicking the icon on the device's home-screen


Better learning results

No information overdoses. We learn better one thing at a time. Less is More

A higher participation rate thanks to lessons that take only a few minutes at a time

Single lessons are short – making it easier to digest


Everything starts from the script. You can provide it or we produce it together

based on the learning objective

Mobile first design. Existing content can be used

With our platform, we manage the duly delivery of NanoLearning lessons and optional reminders to the target group

We provide reports on users activity and performance

Use cases

Case SafeDrive

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Markus Nieminen, Road Safety Manager, LähiTapiola

The best part of SafeDrive coaching is its user friendliness, as well as its one-year long duration. The coaching program can easily reach almost unlimited number of trainees.  Thanks to its long duration it is more likely to get permanent results, compared to an one-off course.

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